Window Cleaning Solutions

This type of solution would be very helpful for window cleaning in Portland, as the climate here makes window cleaning a formidable task. The other meaning for window cleaning solutions refers to the actual solution used for cleaning your windows, as in, the type of cleaner you use.  This is the type of solution this article will focus on.  There are many kinds of solutions used for window cleaning in Portland.  You may have heard of homemade solutions, store bought solutions, or even industrial strength solutions.  You may wonder which solution works the best, costs the least, or is the easiest to acquire. It may overwhelm you to try to figure out what kind of cleaning solution to use on your windows because there are so many options.  Here are a few options that you have to choose from. Homemade mixes for window cleaning in Portland are most often the most affordable and the easiest to acquire.  Generally you will use products that you already have at home.  The most popular homemade solution for cleaning your windows is a simple mixture of water and vinegar.  Vinegar has long been known to be a very strong cleaner for cutting through grease and grime.  After washing your windows with vinegar and water, dry them using newspaper.  This may seem strange, but newspaper is great for drying your clean windows without leaving streaks. If you are not into the homemade solution, or feel that your windows need a little more oomph, you might try a store bought solution.  The most popular glass cleaner used for window cleaning in Portland is Windex.  While this is a great solution for regular cleaning on your indoor windows, it may not quite cut it on the outside windows, which usually are much dirtier.  Outside windows also are much more likely to be suffering from hard water stains than indoor windows, which can be difficult to remove.  If regular store bought solutions are not getting the job done, you may want to move on to industrial solutions.  The best way to access industrial cleaners is to hire someone to come clean your windows for you.  But don’t be surprised if they clean your windows with vinegar and dry them with newspaper.  There may not be any secret solution for window cleaning Portland, what it usually boils down to is a little elbow grease and patience to get the job done right.