What woods are used for hardwood floors?

Investing in hardwood floors not only increases the home value, but also adds elegance and charm to the interiors which can be enjoyed for years together. There are different types of hardwood floors available these days, which makes it easy to choose one based on the budget and the interior design scheme. The basic hard wood floor has many variations with different treated surfaces, and other alterations made to meet the demands of flooring. There are laminated wood flooring, engineered wood and the solid hardwood, which are available in various natural and manmade textures and colors. While choosing the hardwood floor, the strength of the wood, the grain structure and the color of the wood should be kept in mind.

Laminate wooden floors are actually plywood planks with layers of veneers on top. These can be given the same finish are real woods, and can be made to withstand daily wear and tear. Although not as good as solid wood, these are nice alternatives with stain resistant and scratch resistant surfaces. They are treated to last long, so can be safe investment when it comes to installing hardwood floors. Engineered wood is the next best alternative to the solid wood and can withstand weather changes and can be treated to be least effected by humidity. It has layers of wooden planks that are bound together by adhesive, and so they can be made to withstand wear and tear just as the solid wood. They can also last really long, and minimize the need for replacing the hardwood flooring.

Solid wood is the best and most expensive hardwood flooring option available, since they are thick and strong, and can add lavishness to the interiors with the real wood charm. Since they are natural wood, treated to with stand maximum wear and tear, they are the longest lasting of all the other alternatives. Although a lot depends upon maintaining the wooden flooring, this option can be the best, since they are available with treated surfaces these days. They can also be made to resist staining from spillage and can be made scratch resistant. Solid wood can come in various different colors, depending on the wood used for the planks. Cherry wood, red and white Oak Wood, Teak wood, Mahogany, Maple, and Bamboo are some of the wood that are available and in demand these days. They can be treated to give different look to the flooring, but the colors of the solid wood planks are mostly natural. The colors can range from light brown or cream to dark brown, or reddish brown. Using bamboo can give the hardwood floor a pale whitish green color.

Whatever the type of wood used, maintaining hardwood floor is something that should be done regularly. Although treated surfaces can resist scratch and stains, the floor must be wiped regularly to avoid dust from settling. It is not necessary to clean them daily with cleaning solutions, but mopping them with damp cloth is sufficient. Hardwood floors are an investment that can return more value with time, if properly maintained.

Learn how to take care of your hardwood floor, if you already have one, or learn the options available if you are thinking of installing a new one.
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