Using Wood Parquet flooring for your home

Parquet flooring refers to a specific kind of flooring wherein the wood pieces are fitted together to form a mosaic kind of pattern. The woods used in this kind of flooring can be same or different also to make the pattern look more appealing. Different shades and grains of wood are used in this so that the pattern appears to be more stylish. This kind of wooden tiles flooring can be used in any part of your home. As opposed to the normal wood flooring the parquet wooden flooring can be installed in bathrooms and kitchen as well.

Earlier the wood flooring was used by the poor people only while the rich homes opted for decorative flooring made from marbles and granite. But when the parquet wooden floor was introduced then even the rich homes started using them as it is decorative and economical as well. Now they are commonly used in offices and home and are considered to be very efficient.

Initially the buyers only had the choice of wood parquet flooring but now they have other options as well. They can now also choose veneer parquet or the laminated parquet as per their budget and their requirement. Wood parquet is made from solid wood pieces which are fitted together for the flooring. If the buyer is looking something economical then he can choose the veneer wooden tiles flooring. In this kind of floor, a wooden layer is pressed between layers of veneer and is then installed over the floor. The laminate flooring is the cheapest option available to the home owners. In this foax wood pieces are used as base that is fitted together. A layer of plastic lamination is then applied on it and it is then installed on your existing flooring.

The home owners can opt for different kinds of designing for his wooden floor. This includes herringbone, brick style, basket and other attractive patterns. The best thing about using parquet for your floor is that it is easy to maintain and can enjoy a long life. They can be installed in bathrooms and in kitchen as opposed to other kinds of wood floor. The reason behind this is that parquet flooring does not trap moisture and is not damaged easily. Cleaning this kind of flooring is easy and one can use water and soap for removing the stains and the dirt marks.

Many of the decorators prefer to use wood parquet flooring as it gives them a good variety of choices. They can play with the textures, shades and colors to come up with unique patterns. Since the parquet can be made with different kinds of wood easily and you can choose oak, maple, beech, cherry or any other shade that can complement your home d├ęcor.

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