Do-it-yourself Refrigerator Repair

Every home needs a useful appliance, and one of that is the refrigerator. Most sturdy and strong appliance will sooner or later break down, and that includes refrigerators. This can be due to a natural wear and tear. A refrigerator has many components working together, and if one of those parts breakdown. The refrigerator might not be working as intended. In the event that it does breakdown, getting it fixed can be costly. But fixing it yourself can be a lot cheaper if the refrigerator has only minor problems.

The most common problem with refrigerators is when it is not cooling sufficiently enough. If this seems to be your problem, you’re in luck. This article will help you do some preliminary fixes. If the instructions won’t work, then there is a serious problem with your refrigerator. It’s time to find a specialist. You can conveniently use the Internet to find one. Simply do a search in, an example of correct search phrases would be – refrigerator repairs Melbourne or fridge repairs Melbourne.

How To Fix If Your Fridge Is Not Cooling Enough

A fridge can cool your items to a temperature of about 38-40 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the optimum temperature for preserving the items you are storing in the fridge. If you suspect that your refrigerator is not cooling enough, or its spewing warm air instead. First thing to do is to check the temperature with a thermometer to see if it it’s really not cooling as intended. If it is indeed warmer, try to adjust the thermostat to a cooler setting. It is located inside the fridge.

If after 6 hours and the fridge is still not cooling, then you have to check if the fan is running. If it is running just fine, next to check are the condenser coils. Most condenser coils are located at the back of the fridge. You have to clean the condenser coils. First remove the cover, and then you may proceed to vacuuming the dirt and dust. It helps if you have a stiff brush to loosen the dust particles. In the even that the dirt and dust are already hardened or greasy, then you need to wash it with water and soap.

If the fridge is still not cooling properly, then you can try defrosting the fridge. First thing to do is remove all perishable items that are stored on the fridge and the freezer. Leave the doors open, and turn the refrigerator off. Leave it in this position overnight. In the morning, place the perishable items back. Turn the fridge on, and start by putting the thermostat setting on the middle. Check back after 6 hours have elapsed.

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