Painting the truth about interior design

Every culture develops distinct ways of living and homemaking in harmony with their natural environment and belief systems. Even the most humble homes have a character and beauty that’s special – and that sets them apart from similar home designs a few hundred miles away.

Country Originals

The most enduring and original interior decorating styles are the ones you can still find away from the cities. A traditional country home feels timeless because it is made to last.

Its blueprint has been developed over hundreds of years, in response to the landscape, the climate, and the requirements of farm work and of running an extended-family household.

Original country home decorating styles are, strictly speaking, not interior design styles. There is nothing ‘designed’ about them – no one sat down and said, “Right, let’s develop a stylish interior design concept for this west-facing living room!”

Similarly, redecorating in a new interior decorating style wouldn’t have entered the mind of someone who lived in a country home, say, 50 years ago. You usually ‘got it right’ the first time, and then you stopped worrying about it

City Fashions

Interior design styles, on the other hand, are much more at home in towns and cities. They go in and out of fashion all the time.  Sometimes they are inspired by the interior decorating styles (or fashions) of foreign countries – whatever is considered ‘exotic’ or ‘chic’ at the time.

In this tradition, home decorating styles have now turned into home decorating fashions, and fashion houses launch ‘home’ collections at least once a year. We’re told what our walls should be wearing this spring, and that it’s probably time to update our living-room.

If you’ve ever felt the pressure to spend time, energy and disposable income, dressing your home up in the latest interior decorating fashion – even when you’re actually happy with its current state – that’s your opportunity to create style rather than follow fashion.

Your home is the perfect place to surround yourself with what you love and what inspires you, and pursue happiness, and great design isn’t about fashion. Sometimes it’s even the opposite of fashion. Really stylish homes feel ‘right’ rather than ‘hip’, and they age very gracefully.

Fashion goes out of fashion. Style, never.

A stylish residential house refurbishment can be easily achieved, on simply a shoestring budget or on the other hand you could be extremely rich and have very little sense of style.

jade webster is a digital marketer researching residential house refurbishment.