Interior Design Colour Trends 2011

Self Builders who want to give their houses a stylish makeover this year have been advised to think about using bright colours.

The popularity of strong hues is going to grow throughout the coming months, according to interior designer Jo Hamilton.

She explained that there has been a lift in the mood of the market as people become more optimistic about their economic situation.

To get the trend right, she suggested finding a way of making the colours balance well by choosing “bright colours like oranges with neutrals and black and whites. It’s not so much just colour everywhere, it’s a balance of subtle splashes of colour with blacks and whites and neutrals.”

Householders who are looking to give their home a quick makeover have been advised that black blinds are currently a big trend.

Marian Byrne, national sales and marketing manager for UK Blinds, explained that plantation shutters are currently the most popular style.

But to get the trend right, she advised selecting blinds that are black, or ones that are in cream or bold shades.

“Stripes are a big thing as well. In the bedroom it’s always primary colours, [and] again black and white,” Ms Byrne explained.

She added that those who have more conservative tastes could try using plum or mauve shades, while burnt-outs create the same effect as having a net curtain, but while giving it more modern theme.

Using bright colours in all aspects of home improvement projects is currently a popular choice for self builders, with interior design expert Jo Hamilton stating that orange shades off-set with black and white is the contemporary way to work the trend.
However, this advice may not apply to all householders, as those who are planning to sell their property were recently advised by Anne-Marie DeSouza, editor of Build It magazine, to look for neutral colours to attract buyers.
Self Builders who are planning to put their home up for sale have been advised to look for neutral decor to make it appealing to a large number of people.

With many householders planning to make changes to their properties solely to improve the resale value, Anna-Marie DeSouza, editor of Build It magazine, explained that thinking about how the space looks after the improvements are completed is just as important.

She said householders should bear in mind what type of fixtures and fittings they choose to use in the space in order to make it most appealing.

“Don’t let your own personal taste influence things. Keep things neutral so they are readily accessible to all prospective buyers,” Ms DeSouza added.

Carrying out some simple home improvements was recently stated to be a good way of increasing the value of a property by 55 per cent of property valuers questioned in an HSBC survey.

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