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In the UK in 2008 a Bristol pensioner chained himself to a lamppost and went on hunger strike.  His protest was against the removal of Victorian lampposts from the city’s streets; illustrating that those passionate about quality design and heritage will do just about anything to protect it.

However, apart from, perhaps, Bristol City Council, there are people out there who appreciate the timeless quality and design of domestic scale antique and vintage lamps.  A visit to some antique shops, or specialist internet sites will show that antique lamps are available and still hugely popular as a design choice for many.  No need, thankfully, to go on hunger strike
to protect these examples of our heritage as the demand for them is continually


Occasional Lighting and Permanent Comfort

Antique or vintage lamps are ideal for traditional / classic design schemes but can work equally well in even the most modern of interiors. An old, and stunningly effective, design trick is to place one or two display ‘antiques’ in sleek, stylish, modern rooms.This juxtaposition of old and new can be used in a number of ways.

It can create a high impact visual statement,add a quirky edge to a simple design or create intricate detail in an otherwise clean, clear design.  An antique lamp can be the perfect tool to create these effects, adding not only a bold statement but incorporating a functional element.No home should be without ‘occasional’ lighting and lamps provide a simple and flexible solution.

Wired for Light

In traditional / classic, or period interiors, vintage or antique lamps are an absolute
must!  Whether for a residential setting or a hotel, bar or restaurant the lamp will add a touch of luxury and authenticity.  You don’t have to go the whole way and use traditional paraffin or oil lamps – though apart from some fire regulations in commercial properties there’s nothing to stop you!  These days the majority of antique lamps are adapted for electrical use which reduces the risk as well as the smell.

For those using antique lamps in a period home, one important thing to check is the quality of the workmanship and design of the ‘converted’ lamp.  The majority of antique lamp bases will need some renovation, due to their
age.  Finding a supplier that can not only expertly and subtly wire the base but provide new shades where necessary is important.

Changing Times

While antique lamps suit just about any scheme, you may be looking to compliment a particular design period.  Vintage lamps from the 20th century can come in just about any design style you can imagine. From the ornate ‘fin-de-siecle’ style of the late Victorian and early Edwardian era, to the now retro-chic of the fifties, sixties and seventies;
just about any style of lamp can be sourced to add the finishing touch to your home. Other popular styles include Tiffany lamps and these, like other vintage or antique lamps offer not only a decorative statement, but also are a great investment.

Design choices will always be very personal, but in many cases vintage or antique lamps are a good choice as they have this added feature – that they are likely to remain valuable and will most likely increase in value.  Many items of furniture can depreciate in value thanks to inevitable wear and tear. 
Design classics and antiques however should retain their value and hopefully grow.  The cost of such items can vary, but there is usually an affordable solution to suit any pocket
allowing you to create that perfect look for you.



Sourcing Antique Lamps

As with nearly everything, antique lamps can now be sourced on the internet, as well as direct from some antique shops and specialist stores. Specialists, whether online or not, are usually the best place to start your search.  Not only will they be knowledgeable – often passionate – about their products, but can offer advice on the types and styles of lamps.  A
specialist supplier is also best placed to find unusual or rare items – having a network of contacts that can help you source specific items or styles.  This can be invaluable to you if you have a specific style or theme that you are creating, as some designs are much rarer
than others.  With a good supplier you can find the right antique lamp, make a great investment and preserve a part of our heritage.

An antique lamp creates a comfortable homely lighting effect and can work well in
just about any setting.  Ideal for period properties including homes, hotels, bars and restaurants, they can work equally well as statement pieces in modern homes and offices.

Maurice Robertson, principal of The Antique and Vintage Table Lamp Co, has had a lifetime’s association with antique porcelain and pottery, with his commercial experience spanning a period of over 45 years,including valuer to the Australian Government’s Incentive to the Arts Scheme.

His long experience with antique ceramics and glass also includes dealing with leading museums and numerous international private collections. He has extended his ceramics expertise into the quality table lamps seen on the company’s site and is well known to local and international interior designers who have included many of his table lamps in their projects. He has also supplied items of national interest to the official Sydney residence of the Australian Prime Minister.


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