Carpet cleaning magic

We’d all love a magic carpet, I guess; one that would fly us away to exotic lands in a trice – away from the family, away from work, away from household chores. Well, I can’t offer you a magic carpet, I’m afraid. I can, however, offer you a few tips for speeding up your household chores, including the carpet cleaning! Read on…


Windows – wash the outsides with warm water and detergent first, rinse well, then get out the house cleaners’ best friend – old newspapers! Use these dipped in vinegar to get a really good shine, without smears, on all your windows, both inside and out. The vinegar evaporates quickly, leaving no trace at all.


Ovens – us a paste made of baking soda, or bicarbonate of soda (a staple all diligent house cleaners should keep in their cupboards) and a little water. Using a cloth or sponge, coat the sides and floor of the oven quite thickly with the paste and leave for an hour or so. The baked-on grease and food residue will soften in this time. Then use a non-stick scourer to remove the paste, and wipe over with a damp cloth. If you then coat the inside of the oven again with a thin layer of clean paste, it protects it from food sticking, and next time the oven will be even easier to clean! The same paste can be used on the shelves, which you should remove from the oven and place in the sink for easy cleaning.


Venetian blinds – these can be vacuumed to remove the majority of dust, then use a feather duster or similar to sweep between the slats. Don’t use liquids on them unless you really need to, as this can make the dust stick and get lodged in the corners and mechanisms.


Curtains – again, vacuum on a regular basis to remove dust. Once or twice a year, remove and wash, or have them dry cleaned if non-washable. Alternatively, hang them over a washing line and beat them as our predecessors beat rugs. Leave outdoors for a day so that the fresh air blows through them and deodorizes them naturally.


Carpets – vacuum these as usual to remove as much dirt as you can – then, and here’s the best tip of all, call the professional house cleaners! You could, of course, have professional house cleaners in for all your chores, but most of them aren’t that arduous and you can do them yourself without too much bother. Carpet cleaning, however, is a job best done by those with the proper equipment. It is possible to hire carpet cleaning equipment from a DIY or hardware store, and you buy the chemicals to use in the machine, but the results are never as good as those you get when you have your carpet cleaning done professionally. Your carpets will usually come up as good as new (well, nearly!) and the house cleaners’ experience in dealing with stains is invaluable – as is their supply of specialist carpet cleaning solutions.

Get the professional House Cleaners to take the strain. Call 0800 carpet cleaning and let them work their Carpet Cleaning magic!