Janitorial Supplies – Squeegees and Washers

Wherever cleanliness and hygiene are the main concerns, squeegees and washers are indispensable products. These janitorial supplies are widely used for various cleaning applications in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and workplaces.

Squeegees in Multiple Designs and Models

Squeegees are generally handheld tools equipped with smooth rubber blade, which helps to remove excess water from windows and glasses after cleaning. Today, they are available in a wide variety of models, types and designs including floor squeegees and window squeegees for distinct cleaning applications. They are available with telescopic, extendable handles for added convenience of the users.

General-duty squeegees would suffice for spotless cleaning of windows. They come with synthetic sponge covered nylon mesh for long term performance and abrasive scrubbing. Certain models come with acid-resistant polypropylene construction so as to withstand strong cleaning solutions.

Maintain Your Floor Spotless with Suitable Washers

Floors are often a matter of concern when dust particles and stains stick on to them. You can apply some cleaning solutions or detergents on the floor and rinse off, for effectively removing all these dusts and stains. But the toughest job you have to face would be the removal of those cleaning solutions from the floors. Floor washers would fix the problem. They are very helpful to clean out the solutions along with the dirt adhered to the floors.

Most of the floor washers are machine washable, have rough textures and comprise non-abrasive nylon cleaning pads. So they are suitable for use on any sort of floors. Washers are not only suitable for use on floors; there are special window washers designed specifically for windows. As they come into daily use, you can stock them at your home or workplace for effective cleaning process. These days, discount washers, squeegees and other janitorial supplies are widely available in the market that could save you a good amount of money.

Be sure that you locate dealers or retailers offering quality janitorial supplies. You can buy the best squeegees and washers from them for carrying out your cleaning processes effectively.

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