Interior Design and Aquariums

Producing a great feeling room can be quite a challenge and involve many different factors from colours through to shapes. Creating atmosphere is the key to success, but the atmosphere must be the correct one for the room in question. There is no use in creating a nightclub vibe inside an office! For many people, being near water is extremely relaxing and with the use of aquariums, water can add a large variety of atmospheres and ‘feels’ to any room. By intelligently choosing lighting patterns, positioning of the tank and many more aspects, a specified feel can be achieved via the use of an aquarium. This article goes through a few of the feels that can be created by effectively using aquariums.


This is perhaps the most common use of aquariums; just being near water makes many people feel calm and peaceful in a way that is hard to compete with. Watching fish slowly moving around an aquarium can be very relaxing as it gives the eye something to watch without being over-worked at the same time. Using soft lighting schemes, backgrounds and furniture can also add a great deal to the effect. Aquariums are used to create this atmosphere in many settings from office blocks through to spa’s and health centres.


On the complete flip side of the coin, aquariums are becoming more and more popular as additions to nightclubs and bars. With a different approach to lighting aquariums can be easily transformed into exciting elements to any room, enhancing that feeling of excitement. Quite often, people don’t expect to see a fully occupied fish tank when entering a bar, adding a nice pleasant surprise, so it certainly adds to the whole experience…of course beating that of the competitor down the road. LED lighting is becoming increasing popular as a form of aquarium lighting, and this can really suit nightclub, bar and restaurant settings.

The Wow Factor

By choosing to have an aquarium custom designed for your setting, you open yourself up to an endless world of possibilities. Aquariums can be installed as walls, tables, ceilings…anything you can think of. The costs can get fairly hefty with extra-crazy designs however the chance to do something truly unique is often enough to justify the expense. For people who want to add the wow factor to their establishment there is possibly nothing better than an extravagant aquarium included within the design of the room.

Whatever the atmosphere you are looking to achieve, using an aquarium is a sure-fire way to go. Good luck and happy ‘vibe making’!

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