Excellent Wood Flooring for your ultimate floor

There are a lot of unique range of wood species, wood color available to improve your home and make it a real reflection of your lifestyle. There are a variety of surface textures, extraordinary style and design opportunities. The company called CCIL provides a variety of floorings suitable for all places like home, hospital and commercial places. In India there are a lot of variety of timber and woods.
An actual and original wood is a beauty and comes with a range of designs, pattern, material and finish that can be chosen for different tastes. These wood floorings come in two varieties like solid wood and engineered wood which gives different attributes and suits all the needs. One of the most popular in this type of flooring is the oak flooring. Nowadays people are using more of the bamboo flooring. This has a greener texture and has some different quality than the normal woods like moisture-resistant and durable.

Buyers can choose between two ways of installing the wood, these being to either glue or secret nail it to the subfloor. Secret nailing is the more popular, whereas gluing can depend on how moist the subfloor gets if it is made of concrete. Using the correct glue and taking account of potential moisture are the key issues when installing this wood, in order to ensure it remains in good shape. It may require the use of flooring underlay but again this is depending on the subfloor. The floor is the single most important element of an interior. It’s where your eyes naturally fall and what your feet touch when you enter a home. That is why it’s so important to choose your floor with care. Installing a wooden floor is very easy because one has to bring everything together and perform a lock on them.
There is a lot of company that provides these kinds of services. One of them is Auckland Timber floors. They have the needed expertise to install the timber floors. Their team of professionally trained people can install floorings onto overlay boards over a sub-floor. After this the finishing work is done to attain the desired output. They provide services for repairs, renovation or for new housing. Auckland Timber floors provide end-to-end service of their products ranging from installation, patch word, repairs and laying, building new set of stairs etc.

There are a variety of designs available in the market that one can choose from. The design and color option varies from chocolate brown, milky white or exclusive color of that providing company. So depending on how you want home to look like you can choose the desirable design and color. Since the wood is engineered, the floor is protected from moist, termites and other problems that cause damage to the floor.  

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