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Baby teeth:

Infants born in the first set of teeth (deciduous teeth) almost completely under the jaw and gum formation. Just when permanent teeth begin to form.

Child’s teeth is important because: chewing and chewing food helps jaw muscle development. Give your child a good face and smile. Help your child learn to talk. Reserved space to direct the growth of permanent teeth. As long as your child’s teeth an eruption, it should be kept clean. Fluoride is an important factor in preventing caries. Water with fluoride content of drinking water sources in different regions and different changes, fluoride supplement for children on the needs of children Dental Artcles should consult dentist. Many children’s eating habits, like it or not some of the diet is generally formed in the first two years after birth, the parents for the child’s diet has a great influence.

Child’s tooth development:

Despite the eruption of deciduous teeth in about six months, the child’s teeth at birth has almost fully formed. Child birth also marks the beginning of the formation of permanent teeth. This process will continue 13 years or so. In the process of tooth formation, healthy and best of fluoride supplement program offers the best chance of healthy teeth. Children can help to improve the best dentist tooth development.

Teeth: return Stomatological knowledge

The first few teeth eruption is sometimes associated with symptoms commonly referred to as “teething.” Gums may be pain, not calm, irritability, and irregular eating habits, sleep, causing indigestion and they dilute. However, the tooth will not cause serious health problems. Sick children should be diagnosed by a doctor, not because of “teething” and ignored. If the infant is not met, please contact the dentist and the children receive counseling and treatment recommended.

Child’s diet:

Once the eruption of deciduous teeth, bacteria will be from the sugar in food and produce acid by bacteria. Frequent intake of sugar, sugary foods remain in the mouth for a long time, is the biggest factor in dental caries.

Bottle feeding:

Drinks and milk contain the eruption of the teeth harmful sugar. Important to avoid the formation of the baby bottle at night and sleep with sleeping habits. Bottle feeding only be used as a tool and should not be used for security help things.


In feeding, it is important to maintain a good balanced diet. Serious form of decayed teeth caries feeding, bottle feeding it is caused by the inappropriate, the same can happen in inappropriate breastfeeding. Once the eruption of deciduous teeth is important to follow a reasonable feeding program, to avoid feeding too long. Avoid feeding infants and young children all night, which may appear in the mother and child sleep together.

Solid food and snacks:

In children 3 to 6 months, children will be gradually added to solid foods. Eating habits established in previous years. Please carefully select the food, to avoid too much sugar containing foods. Vegetables and fruits contain natural sugars of all children need. Followed by the ingredients in commercial baby food labels. So easy to select the store-bought foods, it does not contain too much sugar as the main ingredient. Add sugar baby food is unnecessary and not worth craving. If you own baby food preparation, please do not add sugar and salt.

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