What Is Solid Wood Flooring?

Solid wood flooring is a type of flooring that you install or have installed in your home.  This means that you are usually putting down hardwood flooring such as oak in your home.  It is more costly to put down wood flooring than wall to wall carpeting at first, although after a period of time, the cost of the carpeting is more than that of the floors as carpeting needs to be replaced every few years. 


Cleaning wood flooring is much easier than cleaning carpeting as well.  Unlike carpeting which tends to hold onto stains and often needs to be professionally cleaned, solid wood flooring can be cleaned on your own and will usually last for the lifetime of the house with proper care. Even if you do have some damage over the course of the years with wood flooring, it can be sanded and re-stained so that it looks like new when you so choose.  For this reason, wood flooring is the sound choice when it comes to the type of flooring that you should choose for your home.  On top of that, solid wood flooring will not harbor bacteria or dirt like carpeting, making it cleaner than carpeting and easier to maintain. 


You have many choices when it comes to wood flooring for your home.  Solid wood flooring is made from hardwoods that will hold up over a long period of time. Just as your house structure holds up for the lifetime of the house, so will oak floors.  When you are looking for wood flooring for your home, one of the best woods to choose when seeking solid wood flooring is oak.  This is a hardwood that will withstand the test of time and will usually last for the lifetime of the house. 


Installing solid wood flooring is not usually considered a do it yourself project any more than installing tile or carpeting, although those who have good carpentry skills and the tools needed can usually accomplish this project.  Because solid wood flooring is not cheap, you want to make sure that it is installed correctly by those who know what they are doing in the field and are better off to at least get help from someone who has the tools and has installed this type of flooring before.  A carpenter can usually install wood flooring in a home with no problem at all and usually has all the tools needed to not only install the floor, but make sure that the underlay is in good condition as well as the trim and the shoe that goes on the bottom of the floor. 


If you are looking for a way to make sure that you update your home so that it looks more attractive as well as will have flooring that will last a longer period of time, then you should look for wood flooring for your home.  You can go online and take a look at the options that are available when it comes to solid wood flooring for your home and then take your pick as to which is the right one for you. 

Wood flooring is the best way to update your home and get rid of stained and unwanted wall to wall carpeting.  You can use Solid wood flooring such as oak and get a good deal on it when you go to French Timber Direct.