Carpet or Solid Wood Floors?

Making sure your home is as economical as possible could involve all sorts of tasks and renovations but it could also simply be down to the type of floor you choose. With so many options, styles and designs now on the market this can be a difficult decision to make, however, once broken down it always comes to a choice between carpets, tiles or floorboards.

The age old debate on whether it’s better to have the soft and cosy feel of carpets or the natural warmth of wood flooring is still around but quite often the need for co-ordination or a ‘wow’ factor to any room can more often than not be the deciding factor on what to choose, rather than whether it can save you money on your heating bill.

Carpets are becoming out-dated with more home owners choosing wood flooring now that there is an increasing amount of variety on the market and they are also available in a variety of prices depending on your budget. They can also be bought in a variety of colours, adding warmth and texture to a room, with most wood floors quality getting better over time, it not only adds character but also value to your home.

Everyone loves the feel of a soft carpet underneath the feet but there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration if opting for a carpet instead of a wood floor. As well as attracting dirt and dust mites they can quickly become unattractive if not taken care of properly and those with young families might want to consider the wear and tear a carpet might endure around children.

Removing stains from a carpet can also be a costly venture and over time a carpet can become littered with different spots where stain remover has been applied. A wipe and sweep of a laminate floor is often quick and easy and any spillages or stains are removed immediately without altering the finish of the floor.

If you are a little sensitive to the cold and keeping a room warm is a main factor on deciding against a wood floor then this should make you think again. Now with state of the art heating systems it is possible to save money and keep your home warm by adding under floor heating.

The only way to do this is by installing a wood floor and it is fast becoming the perfect way to have a low maintenance heating system rather than a conventional boiler. This is because under-floor heating is so simple and has no working parts, the likelihood of it breaking down or failing is minimal.

So if we want to go back to the debate on whether it’s better to have wood floors or carpet, the argument is clearly leaning in the favour of the wood floor.

As well as being economical, it looks better, is easier to maintain and makes no difference to how a home is heated thanks to under-floor heating.

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