A Story Of Wood Flooring

In the ancient time when there was not reasonable advancement in the field of construction of the buildings, somewhere complete building was constructed with mostly usage of wood including roof and somewhere the buildings were roofed only by wood. The walls of the houses were made by pillars of wood standing at some distant each other. Some pieces were joined to these pillars horizontally. Gaps were filled with mixture of mud and grass or other such material.

With the passage of time more advancement is there in the field of building construction like other fields and all the side walls of a house were started to be constructed with mud bricks and then with baked mud bricks but the wooden roofing remained continuous. After some time mud baked tiles were introduced for the roofing. For a reasonable long time both the baked tiles roofing and wooden roofing remained in practice.

At a time in some area the wood roofing ended altogether and replaced by baked tiles. And after more some time tile roofing also became less popular due to a roofing of mixture of concrete, sand and cement. Slow and steady this concrete mixture roofing so popular that it caused the end of tile roofing. Reason behind the popularity of this roofing is that price wise it is about equal to tile roofing but durability wise it is considerably better than tile roofing.

But in the wooden area still the wood roofing is popular and very much in practice. By wooden areas I mean the areas where the other material for flooring is not available or available after too much efforts and expensive carriage. In these areas very precious, popular, strong and useful wood sawn wood and other species of wood are available. In these areas completely or partially the walls of the houses are wooden and roofs are necessarily wooden. Some time ago the people of these areas started to make the walls of the houses with stones shaping into a portable pieces with a hard labor but the wooden roofing could not be replaced due to its sufficiently usefulness in summer and winter.

These areas have not roads for transportation and if there is facility of roads in some parts, these parts are too much distant from the points where the concrete, sand, cement and tiles are available. Moreover the sources of income of the people of these areas are limited; the wood of different kind is available to them easily and at lower price and some time free of cost. Besides the wood roofing is more than sufficient in both the season, therefore still wood roofing in these areas is popular. Being completely in practice many designs and sizes of the pieces of different woods are available there for roofing. The designers/professionals change the designs from time to time.

As it is the phrase that exemptions are everywhere, some people of these areas for the particular purpose by plan collect money sufficient to construct a house with latest building material like the people of advanced cities and enjoy the same.

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