Do It Yourself Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioning repair can cost a lot if you don’t find yourself a reasonable contractor. And sometimes, they can even disrupt you from earning money because technicians often do house calls on your work hour. In spite of this though, homeowners should not forego the opportunity to acquire maintenance services, especially this summer. After all, they wouldn’t want their system to crash in the middle of the day because of some unchecked mechanical problem. Moreover, inspection could also help you minimize the risk of AC fires as well as excessive electrical consumption. Now, if you are eager to make sure your air conditioners are working properly but are not too eager to spend, here are some tips on how you can correct certain AC glitches on your own.


When the air conditioner is not taking out as much warm air as it should or if there is a foul odor released from your unit, you might be having some filter issues. If such is the case, then there’s no need to consult a specialist. You can just open the AC unit yourself from the inside of your house and change or clean the filter so it does not block air circulation. It’s expected for the filter to accumulate dust after prolonged use. So it would be best to check on the filter every month to avoid freezing up the condenser fins.


If the air conditioner’s performance does not improve, might as well proceed with clearing up the condenser from debris since any residue could potentially promote clogging and keep the AC from doing its job. You should also check your refrigerant containers since its depletion can also cause a decline in function. Afterwards, you ought to investigate the condition of the outside fan considering that it is responsible for getting rid of warm air. If there are leaves or dirt blocking it, the unit may not be able to cool down the room as well as it should.


If you notice that the air conditioner does not respond efficiently to temperature changes, check out the thermostat if it is still functioning. Because it’s highly likely that the AC is still working but the temperature gauge isn’t. What you could do to correct this setback is to, again, clean the sensor with a soft, clean brush, and then align it with the evaporator coil.


Now, if you perceive that your air conditioner is leaking, it is possible that the coils have some blockage or holes. To preclude overworking your unit and condoning further water damage and the growth of molds, you should open up your unit and check through the tubes. You could blow through it to get dirt out or check for air pockets. And if there is actual damage, you could replace the tube with another to preserve optimum function.


As you can see, air conditioning repair is something you can do on your own. If you are not as confident, there are more elaborate tutorial write ups and videos you can refer to for better results. However, if you have done all of the above and still are not able to improve your AC’s status, might as well call in specialists to solve the problem.


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