Maid of Honor Speeches

Being chosen as Maid of Honor is exactly that ‘an honor’. However, once you start realising that it means giving Maid of Honor speeches you may not feel so very lucky after all!

Here are some tips to get you through your Maid of Honor speeches:

1. The fear of public speaking is a common fear, so don’t be shy about it. If the thought of standing up in front of a room full of people, all eyes on you seems a little daunting don’t panic there are plenty of solutions out there. I recommend trying self hypnosis audio downloads. A quick search on Google will turn up several options to choose from and they are usually fairly inexpensive.

2. Get hold of a great speech. You may feel nervous about standing up in front of all those people, the last thing you need is to be worrying whether you speech will be a flop!

3. Practise in front of a live audience. By audience I mean at least one other person. This way you can gain valuable feedback on what is great and what is not about your Maid of Honor speeches. Are you fidgeting, are you speaking clearly, does it flow. It will also increase your confidence.

Note: Don’t practise in front of someone who tends to be overly critical though as this may have the reverse effect and damage rather than increase your confidence.

4. Give it your best shot. Hold your head up high, put a smile on your face and speak clearly. You will be great!

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